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Laser Display Company Service Center

Ship us your projector in its original flight case and we will repair, clean and alien the projector and return it to you.

Ship to:  1024 Hinman Lane Salisbury, MD 21804

Cleaning & Alienment

$112.00 + Shipping charges

Laser Display Company always performs an alignment along with any cleaning requests.  The cleaning and alignment are always packaged together.  LDC uses acetone and methanol to clean all the mirrors and optics in your projector.  Once the cleaning of optics is complete we perform an alignment and power check to ensure you are getting the Maximum output from your projector.

Scan Engine Upgrades 

Upgrade 20 kpps scan engine to 35 kpps


Upgrade 30kpps to 35kpps  


Upgrade any scan engine to 50 kpps



Laser Display can repair your equipment down to the circuit board level if needed.  We Charge a $75 hr labor rate on general repairs.  In the event that it is more cost effective to replace hardware we will advise you and replace the defective components.


Email us with your service requests and we will issue you a Return Merchandise Authorization number to track your repair or system upgrade.

Used Equipment Sales

The following items are surplus to our needs and available for purchase

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