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These shows are currently available for hire

70's La​ser

The show that changed the way we look back on the music we grew up with.  70's laser is a fantastic trip through the music of the 70's.  Soul, Funk, Rock all grouped together in a way that leads us down the path that made us who we are today.  Don't miss an opportunity to catch this beloved Laser Light Show experience.

Reggae Mylitis 

The perfect Covid-19 getaway. When you get it, its almost impossible to cure.  Reggae Mylitis is a disease that effects  your body & mind with the unmistakable foundation shaking bass-lines and soul infusion riffs of Reggae Music.  Join us for a night of reggae and we will ensure you are infected with this virus of the soul & mind. 

The Beatles in Laser

 This  laser show will take you on a journey through the music of the Fab Four.  The Beatles Laser is a tribute to the band, the music and the lyrics that changed a generation.

Classic Laser

Like Classical Music?  Take a ride on our classical laser tour.  A world of imagery scripted to some of the worlds most iconic classical music selections in a way only Laser Display Company can create.  This show best presented in a planetarium or dome display screen.  Laser graphics are sequences with video projections to create  fantastic 3d effects.


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