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Municipal Events

Laser Display Company Past Show/events for Municipalities 

2021-2022 New Years Eve, Berlin Maryland

Laser Display Company addressed the needs of a small town on a budget that needed a new type of event for their NYE celebration.  We addressed the towns needs by constructing a custom truss configuration that incorporated our main projection screen, theatrical lighting units and laser bounce mirrors.  As with all Laser Display Company productions, custom laser modules were produced specific to the town of Berlin and its cool laid-back vibe.  The projection screen and trussing rig was flown 30ft above main street in Berlin Maryland and targeted by our projection systems for a 3 scan engine show that lasted about 40min.

Our Salisbury Office and Production Center is small but well equipped.  Laser Display Company has a production studio in which we do our programming and interface with our clients as well as a production workshop where we fabricate, test and rig our systems for a municipal event.  Here we are testing the truss and lighting rig for the town of Berlin. 

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